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Elementum is a sustainable fashion brand manufactured in the Netherlands, made of 100% natural materials (organic cotton, merino and alpaca from Peru) and without generating waste. The pieces are timeless, seamless and flowing. The minimalist concept of its design offers multiple functions in a single piece, since they can be used in different ways: top, dress, vest, skirt, scarf … MEIO from the REFINE collection, is a multifunctional piece of 100% natural wool, made of smooth and tubular fabric (seamless) with two curled edge cuts, to introduce the arms. It can be used as a top with or without a hood or as a scarf. The piece is stored in a box that includes more information about the product and instructions on how it can be used.


– Camel and Gray colors.
– 100% baby alpaca.
– Handwash.
– Do not use dryer.
– Woven in Holland.


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