The Juana Mum jewelry brand belongs to the designer from Madrid (Spain) Juana Muñoz. Creates designs with clean, simple and elegant lines that establish complicity and femininity for women through contrasts, geometric shapes, curves, color and union, from traditional jewelry metals, such as silver and gold. gold. The bowl pendant rests in the center of the chest, stylizing the neck. The round sphere of the pendant combined with the fine chain form this necklace. A flash of light and strength for the woman who wears it.


– Bright gold plated sterling silver (2 microns).
– Avoid colonies, lotions, oils in the ring.
– Preferably do not shower with the ring to preserve the shine of the piece and the stone.


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North America
Canada 5-7 days 40€ 350€
USA 5-7 days 40€ 350€
Worldwide 5-7 days 50€ 350€

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