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    Baignade beach towel from Mapoésie (Paris, France) designed by Elsa Poux. The leitmotif of the wave constantly returns in this new collection inspired by the Mediterranean. A mix of stylized and graphic waves are combined with contrasting colors: orange, lilac highlighted by black. XXL format that can also be used as a tablecloth, sofa blanket or beach towel. Cotton fabric and screen printing by hand. Screen printing is a printing process. It requires one frame per color, and the overlapping of the different colors makes up the final pattern. This technique requires a lot of meticulousness and the work of two operators per table to move each frame and print each color. This ancestral know-how requires precision and patience to reveal the colors one by one and make the pattern appear, then a whole color fixing process is necessary to obtain the final result. Mapoésie is committed to natural materials in all its collections. The materials woven specifically for Mapoésie allow to vary the finish, the lightness or, on the contrary, the thickness of the fabrics. Made in India (New Delhi and Calcutta): Since its creation, it has been collaborating with local Indian workshops, which they have the pleasure of visiting regularly for each new collection (development, production, control phases, etc.).


    – 100% cotton.
    – Hand stamped.
    – Machine wash max. 30ºC.
    – Wash separately.
    – Made in India.


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