Barcelona city: postcodes from 08001 to 080042 by bike messenger Apinyó Barcelona

Spain: by FedEx or UPS through Mail Boxes Etc.

Europe by FedEx or UPS through Mail Boxes Etc.

North America (USA & Canada) by UPS

Worldwide by UPS

Non-UE customers: customs charges are NOT included and Mirlett cannot be held liable in any way, i.e., it is not responsible for any formalities or extra payments arising from actions by customs. Mirlett also cannot accept responsibility for orders delayed at customs.

Barcelona3h-24h0€0€ ó +
Spain24h10€150€ ó +
Andorra1-3 días30€300€ ó +
Austria1-3 days15€250€ or +
Belgium1-3 days15€250€ or +
Bulgaria1-3days15€250€ or +
Croatia1-3 days15€250€ or +
C.Republik1-3 days15€250€ or +
Denmark1-3 days15€250€ or +
Estonia1-3 days15€250€ or +
Finland1-3 days15€250€ or +
France1-3 days15€250€ or +
Germany1-3 days15€250€ or +
Greece1-3 days15€250€ or +
Hungary1-3 days15€250€ or +
Ireland1-3 days15€250€ or +
Italy1-3 days15€250€ or +
Latvia1-3 days15€250€ or +
Lithuania1-3 days15€250€ or +
Luxembourg1-3 days15€250€ or +
Netherlands1-3 days15€250€ or +
Norway1-3 days30€300€ or +
Poland1-3 days15€250€ or +
Portugal1-3 days15€250€ or +
Romania1-3 days15€250€ or +
Slovakia1-3 days15€250€ or +
Slovenia1-3 days15€250€ or +
Sweden1-3 days15€250€ or +
Switzerland1-3 days30€250€ or +
U.Kingdom1-3 days30€250€ or +
Turkey1-3 days30€250€ or +
North America
Canada1-5 days40€350€ or +
USA1-5 days40€350€ or +
Worldwide1-5 days50€350€ or +